The Most Useful Tips to Keep Your Children Safe

The Most Useful Tips to Keep Your Children Safe

Is your mind always clouded by the thought of – ‘Is my child safe?’

This is very common among parents who have to leave their child at home or have to send them away for school. But honestly, there is hardly any parent who doesn’t worry about the safety of their child irrespective of how old they are. 

But it is not possible for most parents to be around their children all the time. So, how do you manage to get away from this lingering fear of your child’s safety? Let’s discuss a few tips that can help  keep your children safe when they are alone

Keep in Contact With Them

Keep in Contact With Them

Staying connected is the key to keep your child safe. You have different ways to communicate with your child. Whenever your child needs to be out alone, there are certain things that can work to ensure their safety.


  • Always stay connected to them and communicate.
  • Make them familiar with the use of mobile phones and other latest technologies in times of need.
  • Have regular talks with them and discuss their problems. 
  • Try to be friendly with them.
  • Ask their opinions on most of their needs.
  • Do not impose your opinion on them.
  • Try to visit them after regular intervals.
  • They should not open the door to strangers if they are alone at home.

Teach Them Safety Skills

One of the most important weapons for children’s safety is to teach them safety skills to avoid any physical assault, abuse or dangerous situation. It can be made possible by following precautions.

  • Make them aware of good touch and bad touch
  • Not to believe anyone stranger to them.
  • Let them learn any self-defence techniques of their choice.
  • Make them aware of the nearest police station and helpline numbers.
  • Not to try short-cuts if they are new to the area
  • Always travel through the busy roads or mostly used by others.
  • If anyone tries to allure them, they must know the tricks to get out of it.
  • He must be aware of First Aid skills if there is an unexpected situation or an emergency.
  • If he gets bullied or harassed by someone, he must report it to the police or other responsible authorities.
Hire Help for Them

Hire Help for Them

Hearing about it may seem like a costly and luxurious facility to you. But, when it is about your children, it is one of the best options available. Even, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has also made a provision to hire a close protection officer for the help of children who have suffered from any problem. Let’s see how it can be helpful to you.

  • Close Protection Officer will always be around your children
  • It will lessen your tension and fear about the security of your child.
  • You can take any information about your child at any time.
  • He will let your children feel safe when you are not with them.
  • A child will have a feeling of having a friend or guardian with him.

We have discussed hiring a CPO for children. The one thing we have forgotten to discuss is How to Choose a Close Protection Officer for your children? And the answer is

  • He must have experience in the field.
  • He must be registered with a reputed and trusted security company.
  • Must have good communication skills
  • He should have patience and discipline.
  • He must be aware of the area.
  • Should have a friendly nature so that the child doesn’t consider him an intruder in his life.
  • Must be skilled with all the latest security techniques.

Randy Meyer
Randy is child nutritionist and works with several schools around California helping parents find the right diet for their kids. He is always looking to find some new tips and healthy recipes for kids. In his free time, he likes to spend time at animal shelters and loves to look for new cafes around the city.

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