How to Eat Mindfully to Stay Healthy

How to Eat Mindfully to Stay Healthy

Overeating and eating aimlessly became quite common ever since the trend of multitasking while eating got introduced. People eat while watching something or working on something and that totally shifts the attention from food to whatever is happening around, making the person unaware and unconscious about the portion of food they have already eaten. Binge eating has become very normal and is problematic but people aren’t ready to either accept it or get over the trend.

Eating unconsciously can affect your health and make you obese. Not just that, obesity and eating unconsciously can lead to a number of health conditions and disorders that can be incurable too.

With less time in hand and more stuff to do, we often end up either completely forgetting to eat or eating way too much so here are a few tips for you to practice mindful eating. This way you won’t eat more than your body requires and maintain a balanced diet.

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Understand Hunger and Boredom are Different

Not every time you feel like eating is your body asking you for food. Sometimes it wants you to move, relax, be active and do something because it is bored and has no idea what to do. That is how every other brain works. You need to realize this and consider testing if you are actually hungry. Step out, meditate, try to do something else to divert your mind and if you still feel hungry, maybe you actually are.

Your Hunger Call May Actually Be a Thirst Call

Not just boredom, your body can confuse thirst with hunger too. It may seem impossible but it actually happens. It is difficult to understand for some people or in some situations if you are hungry or thirsty. Sipping some water will help you out. If you have had a meal and you are still feeling hungry, the chances of you being thirsty are more so have some fluids.

Include Fluids in Your Diet

Not just water, give your body some other fluids too. While you can totally have juices and smoothies as your meal, it is a great idea to include herbal teas in between your meals. That will reduce the hunger feeling and help you focus on your work. This will certainly reduce your unnecessary calorie intake and help you maintain your healthy diet routine.

Check Portion Size

We all love plating the meal creatively and filling our plates for photography sometimes but it is always a great idea to keep a check on the portion size. Filling your plate with more than required will only make you eat more than your body needs and that will be stored under your muscles. 

Treat Your Stress the Right Way

A lot of us end up eating or rather binging on snacks when they are stressed. It is a very common practice and coping mechanism for a lot of people who deal with stress occasionally. Instead of making this a habit, consider treating it. There are natural medications and treatments that are effective and work way better than chemical medications. We highly recommend weed edibles to those who deal with stress and anxiety issues.

Randy Meyer
Randy is child nutritionist and works with several schools around California helping parents find the right diet for their kids. He is always looking to find some new tips and healthy recipes for kids. In his free time, he likes to spend time at animal shelters and loves to look for new cafes around the city.

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