Food Hacks for Holiday Season Cooking Your Will Regret Not Reading

Food Hacks for Holiday Season Cooking Your Will Regret Not Reading

The internet, oh how beautiful art thou? It is full of all these great hacks about how to save food? How to make your food last longer and of course, a lot of crappy posts that do not make any sense at all. Yes, the scammers have ruined it for all of us, and we cannot be angrier than we are at the moment. I know a lot of poor bastards who have used fake food hacks, which they learned from the internet, and got what they asked for, a lot of wasted food. So, we tested these food hacks before presenting it to you guys; y’all can surely use them in real life, with real food.

Slow the Evolution for Bananas

During the holiday season, you will need your kids to keep healthy. Hence, fruits are important, and what can be better for them than bananas? Bananas are little spoiled brats. We have to give this to them. They will be fine to eat for five long days and will suddenly die-off on the sixth one. Is that not plain stupid? Yes, well, it is evolution, and until you are a Mormon, you cannot change it. Having said so, you can definitely slow the irreversible action for the yellow friends.

How do you ask? All you need is a banana hanger; you must have seen it in the supermarkets, some of them do not put them on a plain surface, they would hang it, the reason is the same. These banana babies can go bad really quickly off the bruises, so it will be a great idea to hang them, not of course, till death. Also, keeping bananas with other fruit will also kick start the process of ripping in them.

Making Butter Grate Again

Butter is an excellent winter diet; it provides a lot of energy and is good for kids. My kids love their toast with butter, but there is only one problem, it is hard to slice them, as you never know how fatter a slice is enough? So, to remedy this, grating the butter on toast will make sure that you are not overdoing it. Also, slicing cold butter can and will lead to many injuries and cuts because we also often do not know how much pressure to apply to slice a perfect butter portion. Grating butter is a widespread practice in the chef community; they use it to make croissants.

Keeping Coffee Cold and Strong 

Keeping the coffee cold in cold coffee is plain right essential, but still, what is more important than that is keeping it stronger. It is a common problem with cold coffee, as a lot of ice is mixed in it (yes I do it in winters too), as the ice dissolves in the coffee, what we are left with is a lot of water a very little coffee. Ask any coffee lover, and s/he will tell you this feeling hurts more than seeing Babmi die. So, to cure that, what you can do is to prepare a cup of coffee, eight hours before drinking the cold coffee. Pour this cup into the ice tray and freeze it, ta-da! Now, your cold coffee will be chilled and stronger than Dwayne The Rock Johnson. Your latte will be amazing-e.

Making the Fair Pair

What is more perfect than dried pasta in the cooking world? Well, you can name a few things, but pasta is pretty great too. But what makes pasta so great is the fact that you can pair it with a lot of sauces and prepare a hell lot of dishes. Then again, one cannot just put any sauce and pasta into a pan and start cooking, no sir; there is more science hidden behind it. For a few examples, one must always keep the pasta shells or, as the professionals call it, conchiglie with chunky and thick sauces. The reason behind it has to be that it takes a lot to get and stay inside the pieces. Also, sticking outside to the ribbed surface is not a child’s play. My old lady loves pasta, by the way, in the holiday season.

Using Ice-cream scoop for perfectly round meatballs

What is winter without the meatballs, plus I would not want my fingers to be all sticky and smelling preparing these round devils? Even if we would make our peace with the finger, that all will be for what? Some cruelly misshaped meatballs? It is not worth it! So, it is simple, you put all the meat mixture into your ice cream scoop and make perfectly shaped round meatballs. FYI, they taste a little better, maybe it has something to do with the shape, but yeah, they do. Pork and Chorizo meatballs are perfect for this experiment.

Ending note

Winters are all about delicious food and family gatherings. We all know and have an annoying aunt or an uncle in my case who has to find mistakes in everything, so to dodge the criticism in this merrier than Marry season. Also, it is always great to have some extra tips up your sleeve. Cook well, eat well and be the boss of your kitchen. If you need another few tips, keep our blog in touch, and we will keep on posting new stuff daily. Happy holidays!

Randy Meyer
Randy is child nutritionist and works with several schools around California helping parents find the right diet for their kids. He is always looking to find some new tips and healthy recipes for kids. In his free time, he likes to spend time at animal shelters and loves to look for new cafes around the city.

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