How to Eat Mindfully to Stay Healthy

Health Living 09/29/2021 0 Comments

Overeating and eating aimlessly became quite common ever since the trend of multitasking while eating got introduced. People eat while watching something or working on something and that totally shifts the attention from food to whatever is happening around, making the person unaware and unconscious about the portion of food they have already eaten. Binge eating has become very normal…

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Find Solace In A beauty Routine During The Pandemic

Beauty Health Living 05/21/2020 0 Comments

It all began in the wet markets of China and now the COVID-19 virus has engulfed the entire world. Officially declared as a pandemic by the World Health Organization, the virus has severely affected lives around the globe. Only recently, the authorities formed quarantine rules and requested people to practice social distancing. While this may sound difficult, it is our…

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Food Hacks for Holiday Season Cooking Your Will Regret Not Reading

Health Living Tips 12/01/2019 0 Comments

The internet, oh how beautiful art thou? It is full of all these great hacks about how to save food? How to make your food last longer and of course, a lot of crappy posts that do not make any sense at all. Yes, the scammers have ruined it for all of us, and we cannot be angrier than we…

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