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5 Reasons Why Kids Should Do Chores

Culture Kids 03/07/2022 0 Comments

Getting chores done by kids is more than just fulfilling for parents. It’s just as crucial and satisfying for kids themselves. With the amount of energy, they’ve got up their sleeve, using some of it around the house is a great way of keeping them occupied. And even when they get bored of the first chore, you can just move…

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5 Amazing Ways to Flavor Your Popcorn

Kids 10/14/2021 0 Comments

Possibly the most popular movie snack of all time is a good bucket full of popcorn. This movie staple wasn’t initially aimed at getting the kind of recognition it did. It was only after the Great Depression that this snack became common inside the theaters. This then somewhat led to a type of revolution in the world of movies and…

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What is Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder?

Culture 10/09/2021 0 Comments

Obsessive-compulsive disorder is a common and chronic disorder where people have recurring, unwanted and uncontrollable thoughts (obsessions) or sensations that cause them to do some repetitive behaviors (compulsions). The repetitive behaviors include regular hand washing, checking on things again and again, always organizing, etc.  These behaviors can interrupt the smoothing functioning of a person’s daily-life.  People with OCD generally have…

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