5 Tips to Help you Motivate Your Kid to Read More

5 Tips to Help you Motivate Your Kid to Read More

Have you ever wished your kid was more into reading? But instead, he is just hanging his neck into a mobile phone all the time. And you know why? Because “just wishing and not doing anything about it” doesn’t usually work. 

Reading definitely is a great activity for kids. It helps them improve their vocabulary, enhance their thinking capabilities, and understand the world outside in a much better way. But kids are kids. They don’t usually work on logic. And so, you need to indulge yourself, sometimes.

But what to do when your kid just doesn’t read? You surely can’t force them. But you don’t want to give up too. So, how to motivate your kid to read more?

You know what? There are actually some ways to do this. And in this article, we will be discussing not just one but five of them.

Let’s dive in.

Give Them a Trailer

Try to draw your kid into a story first. Just like a preview of a movie that encourages people to go and see it, telling your kids what the story is all about may make them interested in it. Convince them to read a few chapters first. And if they like it, they may themselves continue reading it.

But make sure you choose something that you’re sure can make your kid interested. Try something that has some thrilling flavor to it, and that can hook your kid to the story. A story with a few attractive characters and some out of the blue twists can do the trick here.

Visit Bookstores Often

Taking your kids to a bookstore often can be a great way of making them interested in reading. They have a lot of options to choose from in a bookstore. And this can make them understand that not every book is boring. Plus, when kids read back covers of different books, it helps them improve their summary building skills too.

You may make a weekly schedule to visit a local bookstore and ask your kids to make a list of books they would like to purchase. This will make them feel excited about the trip. Plus, choosing their own books will inspire them to become a better reader.

Hook them to a Series

This one actually works really well for young adults. So, if your kid is just entering teenage, the best way to get them hooked to reading it to get them into a series

Well, it works with adults too. I mean, even I got into reading because of a series- The Hunger Games. But let’s focus on kids, right now. 

Yea… get them really fall for a series. And once they have had a good experience with one book, they’ll automatically want to read more, they’ll want to know the story in and out, and they will want to follow their favorite characters through every adventure. And this will drive them to continue on with the next books of the series.

Furthermore, even after the series is over, you can offer them some other similar books. And they’ll read those enthusiastically.

Read with them

This, you can actually do from the day your kid is born. When you read with your child, you are making a really strong impact. The time you spend reading a book together adds to your child’s memory as a positive experience spent with someone that really matters to them- their parents. 

Kids love it when you give them attention. So, use it positively. Give them a chance to read, have a conversation about the characters in the story, discuss how you can relate to them, and try to guess what may happen next.

Look Beyond Books

Tried everything but your child still won’t read? I think you are probably not giving them enough choices. When we usually talk about reading, often do we forget that it’s not just about books. There are many other options too. Why don’t you try comics? Or magazines? Or graphic novels, maybe? Even if your kid hates books, there is a chance he may get interested in one of these. And reading is reading. No matter in what form it is. 

So, next time, take your kid to a comic book store and let him wander for some time. Who knows he may pick up wonder woman there? (Pun intended!) You can check out these delta-8 gummies reviews and find your wonder as well.

Randy Meyer
Randy is child nutritionist and works with several schools around California helping parents find the right diet for their kids. He is always looking to find some new tips and healthy recipes for kids. In his free time, he likes to spend time at animal shelters and loves to look for new cafes around the city.

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