5 Reasons Why Kids Should Do Chores

5 Reasons Why Kids Should Do Chores

Getting chores done by kids is more than just fulfilling for parents. It’s just as crucial and satisfying for kids themselves. With the amount of energy, they’ve got up their sleeve, using some of it around the house is a great way of keeping them occupied. And even when they get bored of the first chore, you can just move them to another. 

But getting them to work around the house isn’t that simple. You must always remember to make the chores more fun, reward them with treats and affirmations, and do the chores with them. 

A Sense of Responsibility

As kids, we loved when our parents or teachers gave us any responsibility. This hasn’t changed. Kids today enjoy being responsible for something. It gives them a chance to learn to take initiative and complete work without wasting time. 

When kids feel involved in the process of getting work done around the house, they learn basic skills of life. They begin to develop a sense of individuality and independence and at the same time, they get introduced to the concept of codependency. A part of good parenting is trusting your kids with a little bit of responsibility. 

A Way to Spend Time with You

A Way to Spend Time with You

If both you and your partner have full-time jobs, we’re guessing you don’t have a lot of time to spend with your kids. It’s even more difficult if you’re a single working mom or dad. This makes the chores you do together even more important. This is the time you can work on your communication as you clean up the dinner table together, make the bed together or cook dinner together. You can indulge in conversations about their day, what they learnt in school, who they met or if they need help with their homework. Once you’re done with the chores you can sit down and play a game or answer quizzes like the ones on

A Way to Learn New Skills

For younger kids, folding laundry or placing toys back in the box are a great way to improve their motor skills. When you teach using these methods, kids are also able to retain information better. You can help them learn their directions through the right places to keep objects in the room. 

The basic skills of how to cook, how to clean, basics of the cause and effect rule, and a lot more, can be taught via these chores. 

Time Away From Electronics

Time Away From Electronics

We’re not against the use of any electronics. However, we’re not supportive of constant use of mobile screens, laptop screens or the television. Like everything else, your kids must have a limited time allotted for the screen

The rest of the time, you can ask them to help around the house with something minimal. 

The truth is, without a chore on hand, they will get bored and go back to their recreational screen. If you want to keep them engaged, you must have a list of chores that they can do easily. 

A Form of Physical Activity

There was a time when all kids did was play in the backyard or the neighborhood park, but the times have changed. It’s hard getting kids up and about because all they want to do is play video games. However, being physically active is very crucial for a child’s growth. Therefore, you can assign some chores that’ll get some exercise into them. 

Cleaning up their rooms, watering the plants, taking their pup on a walk, helping you carry your clothes to the laundry or help clean the dining table after dinner. All these are great chores that can get your kids moving around the house. If you want them to indulge in more physically exhausting tasks, have them clean the tables, set their room, their bed and wardrobe, vacuum the floor and wash the utensils, etc. 

Finding chores that your kids can do isn’t hard. But they need to be appreciated if you want long term work from them. Constant affirmations, treats every now and then and most importantly, valuable time spent together- all of these are great ways to get your kids involved in the household chores. 

Randy Meyer
Randy is child nutritionist and works with several schools around California helping parents find the right diet for their kids. He is always looking to find some new tips and healthy recipes for kids. In his free time, he likes to spend time at animal shelters and loves to look for new cafes around the city.

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